Have you ever sent your own newsletter?

Well, now I do. Hi! 👋

Adrià Fontcuberta
2 min readOct 5, 2018
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I was wondering how to start my own newsletter. You might have some questions, so what about starting with an FAQ? Let’s go!

A newsletter? Why starting a newsletter?

Because I’m becoming a huge proponent of Learning in Public mindset. You see, almost everyone learns in private. They just consume content. But I truly believe that, if you want to master something, the best way is trying to explain it to someone else.

So, by teaching, you learn. I’m trying to have a habit of creating content, and I thought a newsletter could really help me achieve my goal.

But a newsletter? In 2018? Are you from the past?

Lol, yeah. You are still sending emails, right? Email is comfortable because almost everyone has an account, and it’s an audience that follows you wherever you go (platform agnostic, and so on).

I mean, I could start a newsletter on Snapchat, but that would be sooo 2017.

OK I’m sold. What should I expect?

When you start out writing something (a blog, a newsletter, a newspaper, whatever), the first advice you always get is that you must define your target reader.

The target reader for this newsletter is going to be me. Myself.

This is what I’m going to do: I’ll try to send a newsletter to my old self. Let’s say, the Adrià from 3 months ago. And I’ll explain to myself something I wish I’d known at that time. Things I wish I had found on the Internet™️ when I was learning something.

My hypothesis is that something useful to me might well be useful to someone else.

This newsletter is just gonna be another way of pushing through the impostor syndrome. After all, being wrong on the Internet™️ is the 100% accurate way of getting the right answer sooner or later.

And I’ll write my newsletter in English, so I get to practice my writing skills on a regular basis.

Did anyone say comfort zone?

So yeah, the first issue of my newsletter provides 0 value to you and to myself. What a start 😂. I dunno, go to my blog and pretend I just emailed a post to you? Anyway, let’s get things started, and I’ll make sure I tell you something useful on next issue. Shall we?

BTW, I’m giving my first conference talk ever next Sunday at Barcelona Software Crafters. This could make a hell of a topic for a newsletter, am I right?

See ya!

NOTE: This post was first published in my newsletter. Subscribe to receive my posts a week earlier, right to your inbox 🚀



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