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  • Carlos Arguelles

    Carlos Arguelles

    Hi! I'm a Senior Staff Engineer at Google. Prior to Google, I spent 11+ years at Amazon. And prior to Amazon, I spent 11+ years at Microsoft.

  • Farhan Thawar

    Farhan Thawar

    VP Engineering @Shopify — Helpful (Acquired), Pivotal, Xtreme Labs (Acquired), Achievers, Microsoft, Trilogy, Waterloo. Everything you know is wrong!

  • Pat Shields

    Pat Shields

    Architecture line cook, business naïveté and a pathological desire to run towards fires. Chief Architect @ CircleCI

  • Camille Fournier

    Camille Fournier

    Author, “The Manager’s Path.” http://amzn.to/2FvjeHH Distributed systems, dysfunctional programming. camilletalk.com, elidedbranches.com

  • Javier Abadia

    Javier Abadia

    VP of Engineering en StyleSage. Me encanta desarrollar software en equipo, buscar los obstáculos que nos hacen ir más despacio y eliminarlos

  • Kent Beck

    Kent Beck

    Kent is a long-time programmer who also sings, plays guitar, plays poker, and makes cheese. He works at Gusto, the small business people platform.

  • Jose Ramon Perez Agüera

    Jose Ramon Perez Agüera

    Chief People Officer at Mercadona Tech. Opinions are my own not my employer. https://t.co/VQDCalPUsk

  • Ron Jeffries

    Ron Jeffries

    I'm sure you can figure out who I am if you really want to.

  • Erin Fox

    Erin Fox

    Software Engineer.

  • Alex Krolick

    Alex Krolick


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