Afontcu’s Food for Thought (XLIV)

1. The Tragedy of Craftsmanship — Robert C. Martin (a.k.a. Uncle Bob)

The tragedy is that the Agile movement was supposed to promote the ideals of Craftsmanship; and it failed. Horribly.

[…] I hope the Craftsmanship movement doesn’t leave its original purpose behind the way the Agile Movement did.

Real food for thought there, my friends. What are the ideals of Craftsmanship? What has “Agile” became? This is a hot topic I discussed in a newsletter issue a few weeks ago. Give it a thought.

2. Breaking the Deadlock Between User Experience and Developer Experience — Jason Lengstorf

DX at the expense of UX is a design problem.

3. ¿Por qué no hay SEO en Mercadona Online? — Jose Tarheel


4. Refactor cotidiano (4). Sustituye escalares por objetos — Fran Iglesias

Es espectacular ver la cantidad de learnings que se pueden sacar de un ejemplo tan sencillo como el nombre de un cliente, y ver cómo conceptos como interfícies o builders ayudan a crear modelos de datos flexibles y escalables.

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