Afontcu’s Food for Thought (XLIII)

Senior engineers, agility, product/teams management, Scrum Masters, and JavaScript.

Adrià Fontcuberta
2 min readNov 13, 2018

1. On Being a Senior Engineer — John Allspaw

This post from 2012(!!) is like a gazillion times better than my newsletter issue that discussed the same topic. So, please: be kind and read my newsletter, but then read this post. It is filled with learnings.

2. Want to scale agile? Don’t. Descale the work first. Achieve big through small — Jonathan Smart

If you truly believe that the “agile approach” to problem solving is right way to go, then you should apply it to every aspect of your project/product/whatever. And this includes the company itself. Start as small as possible, iterate, get feedback, and start over again.

3. How we structure our work and teams at Basecamp — Jason Fried

This old but gold post outlines how Basecamp did things back in 2016 — I’m quite sure they have evolved from it. But it is still amazing to read how clearly they state how they work and why they work that way.

4. El Scrum Master está en peligro de extinción — Javier Garzas

“Hay mucho candidato a Scrum Master y hay muchos haciendo de Scrum Master, y también hay mucho certificado de Scrum Master… pero hay poco Scrum Master de verdad. Muy pocos.”

5. How to stop using console.log() and start using your browser’s debugger — Parag Zaveri

OMG, you write JavaScript and you still use console.log to debug it?

Heh. Me too.

Check out this post, with a clear step-by-step guide to introduce some cool debugging tools from your browser.

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