Once upon a time in 1869, a Russian scientist named Mendeleev was obsessed with ordering all elements present in nature. The typical Russian scientist obsession.

There are many virtues a team can show. But I’ve come to realize that it boils down to this:

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I’ve been told I was going slow in every project I ever participated in.

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You say slow

Why would anyone give money to me to type weird stuff on a computer?

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The goal of software development

Sometimes we face hard choices, where there’s no clear path or direction. Actually, we might not even have a clear goal.

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Someone was pleased with us last week (“us” as in “my team”).

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Some random thoughts about software development teams

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The Software

Recently I’ve been asked how I approach the unit vs. integration vs. e2e debate. I’ve answered it twice below

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Short answer

Longer answer

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“…but it is hard”

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Gimme examples

Adrià Fontcuberta

Words matter — Frontend development, CSS, UX, design, lean, agile and everything in between. https://afontcu.dev

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