Once upon a time in 1869, a Russian scientist named Mendeleev was obsessed with ordering all elements present in nature. The typical Russian scientist obsession.

He wrote down a card for each known element (63 by that time) and attempted to sort them out by several criteria.

Mendeleev noticed the properties of elements were systematically related to their atomic mass. He arranged them so that groups of similar elements fell into vertical columns in his table.

This is how Mendeleev came up with a rudimentary version of the infamous Period Table of the Elements.

However… things were a bit off. Some elements did not fit well. Their properties did not match the properties of other elements in the same column.

The scientist, then, made a…

Adrià Fontcuberta

Words matter — Frontend development, CSS, UX, design, lean, agile and everything in between. https://afontcu.dev

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